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Zoé Beauchemin

Outstanding climber


ASM Athlete since : June 2019

What is your day to day job : Marketing student at JMSB Concordia University + Athlete Team Canada

Region/Hometown : Montreal, QC

Two things that fascinate you : Sunrises (I’m not a natural early bird) and innovative technology around the world.

Your most memorable outdoor experience : Snow camping in BC where we snow shoed in, dug out a proper snow cave, and survived the night! One of the crews had to hike out in the middle of the night when their cave started to fall inwards – it was an epic adventure.

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : Training and going outdoors are my excuses for everything else 😉

Favorite product from SCARPA : Scarpa Dragos are the BOMB

What is on top of your bucket list : Totally immerse myself in a foreign country: live, climb, work, and hang out there for a while.

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