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ASM Sports is a product representation company in the field of the outdoors

and leisure. It makes sure to promote items that will offer users not only a memorable

experience, but also an outdoor lifestyle to adopt. 

Wide Range of Products

From clothing to bikes to snowshoes, camping accessories and diverse footwear, the company makes sure to offer quality products to its customers. Authentic and personalized customer service supports brands with the target audience, thus providing added value.

More Than 20 Years

of Experience

ASM Sports has been a benchmark in outdoor equipment and leisure for more than 20 years.


Mr. Stéphane Morin, founder of the company, has been working in the field of product representation since 1988. On October 1, 1993, he incorporated the company under the name "Les Agences Stéphane Morin Inc." and this marks the beginning of Stéphane Morin as a

small business owner. 


Our mission is to ensure the sale and representation of quality products from various companies to  retailers in Canada. Since its creation, the company has never ceased to distinguish itself by adding more renowned products and suppliers to its portfolio.


The company has a team of leaders that work closely with their partners in order to maximize opportunities for their businesses.

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