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Outstanding climber

Stéphanie Dessureault

ASM Athlete since : Since 2019

What is your day to day job : Nurse

Region/Hometown : Saguenay

Two things that fascinate you : I’m fascinate about climbing in general, it is my first passion and mountain biking is also the second thing I’m passionate about. I find these two sports to be the perfect complement and a perfect synergy to one another.

Your most memorable outdoor experience : It is hard to say, each trip has their own set of memorable experience. To get more people to explore our country I will describe my last trip in western Canada. It was a rollercoaster of pure pleasure, the perfect mate, we had the perfect weather, each day was pleased with a new discovery and the most incredible thing about it is that it is our country.  

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : Personally there are no god excuses to skip it, it is mostly the contrary. I bring that state of mind in my life in general and also with my work with a clinic specialised in child obesity 

Favorite product from SCARPA : For sure the DRAGO !!

What is on top of your bucket list : I don’t have a bucket list, it mostly is personal challenge in a multitude if sports. In a near future, I would like to return to Yosemite El Capitan and do the Nose, there is also Cap Trinité. I would like to free one some routes and hard boulders one day, If I could mix all this with a running challenge or a multi-day hike it would be perfect.

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