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Sébastien Lazure

Outstanding climber


ASM Athlete since : Since 2019

What is your day to day job : Architectural technologist

Region/Hometown : Montreal, QC

Two things that fascinate you : Photography and travelling 

Your most memorable outdoor experience : Each outdoor expedition has their own experience, stories and unforgettable memories! That’s what makes the outdoor sports so much pleasant. The multi-pitches always bring their own kind of adventure, I remember one time when we were climbing in Mexico, the fire was caught at the summit and we had to rappel down as fast as we could; or the time that we were climbing in Marseille and we ran out of water at the beginning of the route that lasted the whole sunny afternoon. 

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : There is no reason to miss it

Favorite product from SCARPA : The Drago

What is on top of your bucket list : To travel again!

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