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Outstanding climber

Midori Buechli

ASM Athlete since : 2020/09/01

What is your day to day job : I work as a nurse in Oncology.

Region/Hometown : I currently live in Toronto, ON. My hometown is a tiny town in Northern Ontario called Monetville.

Two things that fascinate you :

1. Climbing

2. Traveling

2.1 Traveling to new climbing destinations!

Your most memorable outdoor experience : My most memorable outdoor experience was sending a boulder called Dark Age in

Hueco Tanks, Texas. It's a V11 high ball that challenged me both physically and mentally; it was my first

and only V11 and also it tops out at 25 feet!

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : Sometimes I'm lazy and I just want to watch movies and eat junk food! But normally I go outside to climb every opportunity I get.

Favorite product from SCARPA :  The Scarpa Instinct VSR climbing shoes. They are the best shoes I've ever owned. The heelhooking and toe-hooking performance is unbeatable. I've sent all my hardest boulders with those shoes!

What is on top of your bucket list : Bouldering in Rocklands in South Africa!

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