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Maxime Bolduc

Founder of Xalibu Ski


ASM Athlete since : 8 years

What is your day to day job : Ski Director at the Quebec Mountain and Climbing Federation + Owner of Xalibu Skis Conception

Region/Hometown : Center of Québec

Two things that fascinate you : Backcountry skiing and cycling (cyclo and mountain), but I have no choice to add a third passion ... fly fishing

Your most memorable outdoor experience : Being "caught", due to a snow dump of 1 meter in 24 hours, in a refuge in western Canada where normally hundreds of people are piling up ... so all the slopes alone for 4 days! A beautiful powder orgy!

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : A good beer, a good glass of wine, some chartreuse or a good scotch,  you see the kind!

Favorite product from SCARPA : Scarpa's Maestrale RS and OR's Hemisphere Jacket

What is on top of your bucket list : Climb and ski in the Torngat Mountains

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