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François Lemieux

Outstanding climber and guide


ASM Athlete since : I have been part of the ASM family for over 5 years, a relationship that has always been there, with trust and commitment.

What is your day to day job : I work as a guide with Vélo Québec during the summer and an ice climbing guide during the winter. But let's say that covid makes my work a bit more complex… what follows will tell!


Region/Hometown : Originally from Chibougamau. Yes, you have the right to Google it to see where it is..


Two things that fascinate you : Playing outside regardless of the pretext or the activity and all that in good company of course. Secondly, I would go with food, I love to cook and eat well.

Your most memorable outdoor experience :  Summer 2012, with no experience in cycle touring, I cycled across Canada. Traveling 8000 km between Vancouver-Saint John’s Newfoundland, in 89 days of cycling, fully loaded.

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : Since I love training, rare is the time that I will miss it, even if the weather is bad ;)

Favorite product from SCARPA : Alpine Down Hooded jacket from OR and Scarpa's Phantom 6000 without any hesitation

What is on top of your bucket list : Crossing Greenland, passing through the Dew line stations

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