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Erinn Locke

Outstanding climber


ASM Athlete since : January 2017

What is your day to day job : I coach the comp teams at Altitude Gyms

Region/Hometown : I’m from Newfoundland, and moved to Ottawa at the start of this year to work for Altitude in Gatineau and Kanata

Two things that fascinate you : 1. How trad gear can catch such big falls, never fails to amaze me. 2. Routesetting, I’ve done my fair share of routesetting and yet it still fascinates me to watch other routesetters create their own visions, it’s like watching them create art. 

Your most memorable outdoor experience : Climbing in the rockies for the first time! I had never seen mountains so big before, climbing and hiking on a type of rock that was completly forign to me and was such an amazing experice. Unforgettable.

Best excuse for skipping training / miss an outdoor excursion : « I worked so hard last night and I’m so tired, I deserve this day off! »

Favorite product from SCARPA : Has to be the Furia Air climbing shoes, they are hands down my favourite.

What is on top of your bucket list : I’ve always wanted to climb in every province/territory in the country, I’ve almost got them all

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